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Memory Management in AIR / AS3 / Flash Garbage Collection.

October 8th, 2010 | Air, AS3, Flex, memory management | Matt Bryson

Memory management and garbage collection in Flash Player is a well debated topic. Some think that the Flash player’s garbage collections is, well, useless. Others think that most flash developers simply don’t understand it and their poor code causes memory leaks.

I’m not here to get into all that, its probably a bit of both anyway, but needless to say it will cause even the best Flash / Flex developer a headache or two at some point!

There are some good resources on Flash player garbage collection -How the GC works and How to kick start the GC in Air, so read up on those first if you haven’t already.

Below are our recent experiences with an Air application that did not release memory when a window was closed.
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